We always know too late, that’s why we missed each other’s love

In the autumn of that year, when the ginkgo leaves were turning yellow, I came to this city. Unfamiliar streets, endless pedestrians, even if you come here for the first time, you will not get lost, because I have seen too many maps and asked too many pedestrians before coming here, lest I miss you because of my stupidity. I waited quietly on the side of the road. I had already constructed the scene of the meeting in my heart, and I also thought about many words in my mind.

I finally saw you, a little earlier than the scheduled time, and thought that maybe you were just as impatient as me, just to show up early and come here to meet you. I haven’t seen you for many years, as if it was yesterday, I know all your likes and worries. We walked a long way in silence, without stopping along the way, and it was difficult to say the dialogue that had been planned before. It seems that at this moment we suddenly understand that meeting is more difficult than parting. The beauty of the once acquaintance, as if it is still shining in the time that is waiting, and in the frozen time, we can see the moment of first acquaintance, ignorant Sentimental, like but dare not reveal too much, you are the deepest secret in my heart. See you again five years later, you are by my side, and it seems to have stopped yesterday, familiar and strange. During the five years of separation, I was missing in your life. Even if you start again now, how can you make up for the vacancy left by time.

It’s winter again, and the beautiful scenery can’t be seen at the same intersection, and everything that used to be seems to have come to an end. Youth cannot be frozen, all I can keep are those memories that cannot be erased. You finally have your own home, and you no longer appear, just like a paper boat folded in childhood, crossing the turbulent river, never to be seen again.

My memories of you remain in these two seasons, and I treasure every bit of you, lest I miss it. In the five years, I have never calculated how long all the days add up, because I know that even if I don’t miss a second, it is still short compared to the days when you are not by my side in the future.

We always know too late, that’s why we missed each other’s love, and because we missed each other too much and didn’t dare to reveal the truth, we took advantage of the time. You are the deepest secret in my heart and the strongest prison that surrounds me. You walked through my youth, but left me wandering there alone, unable to get out.