She came, he smiled. He knew that she would come to the teacher to study at this time every day

She is not beautiful, and she is slightly fat, so she may not be recognized in the crowd.

She has long hair, with a flat forehead, which sets off her small face that is always smiling.

There was a boy standing in the corridor leaning on the corridor pole, looking at the playground with tender eyes, his eyes were always so deep.

She came, he smiled. He knew that she would come to the teacher to study at this time every day, so he just watched every day, and then smiled, so happy and satisfied.

He and she are at the table. Her name is Han Xue. His name is Lin Hua. Han Xue’s grades are excellent, ranking among the top spears. Lin Hua’s grades are mediocre, but he likes to write novels, poems and essays. He wrote very good articles and was often praised by the teacher.

He is very introverted, a shy boy who likes to write sad articles and sad poems. Han Xue often reads the articles he wrote, and shed tears when she reads them. But she still wants to read it. Whenever she wants to read an article, Lin Hua will put a box of tissue paper on her desk. Seeing her wiping her tears with the paper will make his heart ache inexplicably. He finds that he likes it. she is gone.

He would watch her silently, often ask her some questions, let her teach him, and then would sneak a few glances at her, like dripping honey in his heart.

Han Xue is a cheerful girl who would greet Lin Hua every time she met her. When he saw her, he just smiled and walked past her with a nod. Han Xue thinks his smile is beautiful, and whenever she sees his smile, her heart beats.

In this way, the man has been silently watching her, Han Xue likes to listen to Liu Ruoying’s “I love you very much”, he also secretly listens, she eats in the cafeteria, and he also goes to the cafeteria, just to be able to see her, he I love everything about her as much as I love her.

They just went on like this, all the time. Lin Hua didn’t say that he liked her, he didn’t even say a hint, and Han Xue didn’t realize that time passed day by day like this, he didn’t cherish it so much.

One day, Han Xue said to Lin Hua, “I’m going to transfer schools.” Her voice was sad. Lin Hua was suddenly speechless when he heard the news. A little choked up, she said, “Do I have to go?” She said, “My father is going to work in Shanghai, and he may not come back here again, so he has already helped me with the transfer procedures, and he will leave tomorrow.” When she said this, she suddenly wanted to cry. Lin Hua said, “I hope you will have a good time over there” and left in a panic. She looked at his back and wanted to say something, but she didn’t say it after all, she just stood there all the time. For a long time, for a long time, then turned around and burst into tears.

Lin Hua didn’t go see her off, and he didn’t know when she left. His heart ached. Sitting in the class and looking at her seat, it was already empty. Her mind is full of shadows.

At this time, his cell phone rang, and the sad melody of “I Love You So Much” by Liu Ruoying sounded. It was a text message.

Since she left, he has changed the phone’s ringtone and text message ringtone to this song she likes.

Slowly took out the phone and saw that it was a text message from Han Xue. His hands trembled and he tried to open the lock by mistake three times before opening it.

: When you saw this text message, I was already on the way to Shanghai. Do you know the day I told you to leave? Looking at your leaving back, I wanted to say ‘I like you’ to you, hehe, I know you like me too, right? You secretly look at me every time you ask me a question, but I already knew that you hide your feelings very deeply. do you know? In fact, I have been waiting for you to tell me, but you didn’t tell me until the day I left. . . . . A very long message, like her sadness, very long, very long.

It also read at the end: I hope to see your message when I turn on the phone in Shanghai. Since you don’t say it, then send me a text message, hoping that I can see the words ‘I like you’.

After reading the news in bursts of twitching, tears fell on the keyboard, louder than pressing.

After a long time, he took the phone and pressed five words: “I hope you are happy”, and pressed send. Then type four more words: ‘I like you’, after thinking about it for a long time, I pressed the pay button. As the save button was pressed, his heart also froze, sealed forever, forever, forever.

In a strange city, the girl came out of the airport, she couldn’t wait

Turning on the phone, the same text message prompt sounded.

She happily opened the message, she saw it, and she smiled, so bleakly. She remembered a passage he wrote: one story, two endings, one kind of lovesickness, two places of sorrow. . .

At this moment, he looked at the city where she was, and she looked at the direction he came from, while she shed tears.