Love is understanding and compassion. At that time, you were young and I was young

I have always believed that on the road where people come and go, there are always two leaves, bathed in the same sunshine, and there are always two flowers, exuding the same fragrance. The mutual understanding of the soul is the deepest understanding in the soul. I understand you, it’s when the moon is full, standing in front of the window, the concern of being separated by mountains and rivers, it’s the hasty look back at the place where the lights are dim when traveling through thousands of mountains and rivers; It is a beautiful feeling, which spreads bit by bit in the accumulation of the sun and the moon. Some emotions seem to be as light as a breeze, but they are affectionate. If it is a poem, it is a memory in the words, with endless aftertaste.

In the turbulent world, I really want to have someone who can accompany me as quietly as a chrysanthemum. See the flowers in spring and enjoy the moon in autumn, enjoy the cool wind in summer and enjoy the snow in winter. In the dusk of Xiangwan, look down at the lights of thousands of houses, sit in the halo of time, and watch the quiet years. As I get older, I yearn for those gentle and clear pictures, and the ordinary and warm life. Sometimes, plainness is far better than sitting in the bustling. Jiang Xun said that the deepest love is a sentence of peace, which is better than all words. Then I only need you to be safe. In the long time, you can have a meal with me and watch the scenery along the way. There is always some true love, which must be fulfilled with the deepest companionship, and there must always be something to keep in mind, to warm the mountains and rivers along this journey.

Love is understanding and compassion. At that time, you were young and I was young, and I loved your burning face. At this time, even if you are gray-haired and faltering, I still love your deep and shallow wrinkles. Love is the gorgeous fireworks in the sky in April, the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus in August, and the no regrets of winter plums reflecting snow. , are all shockingly beautiful.

I have listened to a song for many years, but I still like it. I have been alone for a long time, and I am still in my heart. I choose a city to live forever, and I meet someone with a white head. I came to this world. Such a you, there are not many eternal things in life, but my feeling for you remains the same. I like to stand with you in the wind, smile at the sun and the moon, I am willing to walk in the rain with you, share the day and night, if your hair is messed up, I will gently tidy it up for you, if you have wrinkles, I will gently caress for you Ping, frame your sorrows and joys, together with the bits and pieces of the porridge and a meal, in the bottom of my heart. I am old, but my love for you is still the same. It is not because of the scenery that I walked with you, how many joys I have, but because of the cherishment. And understanding, just for the warmth you give me, with the taste of years.

If you can, please live in my words. Even though the world is so noisy, I promise you a quiet spring, summer, autumn and winter. I will plant red beans of lovesickness for you. The moon is full and the moon is full. You are in my heart and have never been far away. I am no longer alone in my life. Those words that I said to you are my shallow heart words, those poems I wrote for you, I read them over and over again through time. There is no willow shoot on the moon, no one makes an appointment after dusk, you just live in my words, walk into my life, until you are old, do you think it is okay?

Warming a cup of time-honed tea will make the fragrance far away, dust and smoke will curl up, and the days will have the smell of fireworks. I like this serenity, bathed in sunshine, fresh grass, natural and simple. On the days when my thoughts are like water, I will snuggle up with you, watching the wind and the moon turn warm and cool, watching the world of mortals bustling with all kinds of things, watching the color of the sky change from morning to evening, watching the moonlight turn like water. Because it is simple, the heart is clear and calm, and the time, although quiet, has the warm and cool taste that I like. Life is no longer the magnificence floating on paper, but the cherishing and understanding after experiencing the long days and months, and the warmth and coldness of the world. After a thousand sails, I would like to use a peaceful and warm heart to accompany you with mountains and rivers, time, vegetation , fireworks, and sharing the warmth of the world, I know, I like this kind of time, and you will like it too.

All experiences in this world are for cherishing, and all deep feelings must be superimposed and generated. I don’t know how much time will pass from spring to autumn, and I don’t know how much wind and rain it will take to go from beauty to white hair. To walk, I only know that the distance between the heart and the heart should be measured by understanding, thank you for giving me the piece of paper called a lifetime, so that I can accompany the sun and the moon, plant flowers, trees, and time on it. Let me be able to wash away all the lead, in the world of fireworks, just to linger for one person, lower my eyebrows and become a lotus.

Perhaps the happiest thing in this life is to hold the hand of the one you love, walk through the wind, the rain, and all the joys and sorrows in the ordinary, and then cook wine with you in front of the court to watch the falling flowers and the frost dyeing. white hair. Every evening, I will light a warm lamp for the person I love, and then share the bits and pieces of life together, listen to him talk about the experience of the day, laugh with him simply, and be nervous about him At that moment, the room was filled with the smell of fireworks, and my heart was naturally happy.

How I wish I could have a house with you next to the green mountains and green waters far away from the hustle and bustle of the world of mortals. It doesn’t need to be very big. Fruit trees are planted behind the house, flowers and grass are planted in front of the house. I write in the window, and when I look up, I can see you smiling at me outside the window. This is the purest time that my destiny has bestowed on me.

I want to grow old with you, touch your familiar face, see your aging face, walk with you through rivers and mountains, over bumps and wind and rain, and integrate each other into life, we are like this, time is shallow, Hand in hand, grow old together. Watch the morning glow rise, the sunset go down, the wild flowers bloom on the hillside, the moon wax and wane, and enjoy the sunshine of the four seasons with you. Accompanied by each other in the simplicity of one piece of clothing and one meal, in the years of mortal world, I am here, you are here, and love is here, I promise you that spring will bloom forever.

“When I am old, my eyebrows are drooping, and my temples are covered with wind and frost, only you hide my youth deeply in your heart, and it is still so verdant. Clarity.” We waded through the river of time together, we went through the gathering and parting of life together, when we are old, you are my eyes, I am your crutch, the warmest thing in my life is meeting you on the way, Then spend time with each other and smell the fragrance of flowers together. I only wish that in this life, I cook the rice with you, serve the water with you, I love you, and you say it. How wonderful it is to grow old like this!