How to heat up quickly in the cold period of relationship A relationship often begins with a period of passionate love

How to heat up quickly in the cold period of relationship
A relationship often begins with a period of passionate love, and then enters a period of indifference. During the indifference period, the hands may be very busy, and there is no way to pay attention to the feelings of the other party all the time, and the relationship will quickly cool down. Some people will even become suspicious. Does he not like me anymore? Are we going to break up?

communicate more
More communication is always a prerequisite for maintaining a stable relationship. The personality of each of us may not be completely suitable, and we all need to constantly adjust! After all, in the process of getting along, because of everyone’s personality problems, conflicts will inevitably arise. If you don’t tell the other party in time, and the other party doesn’t notice your emotional abnormality, this will only cause more and more conflicts to accumulate. When it explodes, it will become out of control, and eventually destroy the relationship between lovers!

meet more
Many couples will use cold violence against each other during the cold period, do not meet, do not speak, and save the usual news and greetings. Doing so will only intensify the suspicion.

If some small things happen again, it can be clearly explained in a few words, but one party is unwilling to explain or unwilling to meet, which makes the knot grow bigger and bigger, and the distance between the two is getting farther and farther.

In such a situation, Wuli Ziwei suggested that once a problem occurs, it should be solved as soon as possible. Just like the plots in the crime-solving TV series we watch, the two of them analyze the contradictions clearly like analyzing the case. You have to tell him which sentence or action you don’t like.

Most men are very straightforward, and they don’t see things as carefully as girls, so you must resolve the conflicts that arise within 24 hours, and then your emotions will gradually calm down. The fuse sparked the conflict again.

Capture him with your tenderness
You can quietly clean up the housework and clean the house without saying a word; when eating, cook him an extra dish he likes; when the other party goes out, naturally hand him the coat and computer; when he comes home, Naturally took what was in his hand. This is a kind of silent tenderness. Maybe you have anger in your heart, but you don’t burst out, but treat him tenderly. He will definitely think if I did something wrong. She is so gentle to me. Did I get angry with her before?

At this time, he will look back at the relationship between you and take the initiative to admit to you that he was wrong!

Pay attention to the sense of ceremony
Girls need anniversaries, but also a sense of ritual. Maybe a man thinks it’s just Friday, it’s no different from usual, but you have to tell him that this Friday is different!

A man who doesn’t understand style may not care about these festivals, but this will hurt a woman’s heart, and then there will be another quarrel. What you have to do is to cultivate his romantic spirit.

You can tell him in advance that this is a special Friday, and you can also say that today you are more handsome and different than usual, so it feels very different today!