The soul of the third generation is linked, and only the king is the only one

The soul of the third generation is linked, and only the king is the only one. If possible, I would like to retreat from the brocade clothes of the world, and transform into a lotus in the mist and water, floating out of the dust, facing the water to take a picture. I will be filled with a cloud and water Zen heart, elegant and open, let the time go by, the wind and the cloud come and go, neither sad nor happy, just waiting for the king to come.

Willow shoots on the moon, heart, wandering among the loneliness of fireworks. Looking at the bright and bright Milky Way, a thought slipped from between the frowning brows, and the harp, which is separated from the world, has no sound at this time, and the song is also speechless. I really want to hold hands with you during the rainy season in June, ride a light boat through the waves, and go to a city full of flowers.

Since the farewell to you, I have kind of lovesickness. Whether you miss it or not, I will let this glazed heart fall in love with you only. Regardless of gathering or parting, I will silently weave a dream of a pool of quiet lotus, dip in the water rhyme of the south of the Yangtze River, and write every morning and evening as a spotless love in the world of mortals. After my love is signed by you, all the old songs will no longer be listened to, and all the old words will not be continued. For you, I have almost alienated the whole world, day by day only with lonely shadows, and night by night only with words.

Juanjuan Xinyu, hidden in the wind and clouds, just waiting for you to read. If you understand, everything outside of you can be thrown away, and all illusions and realities are unimportant. As long as there is a heart-to-heart connection and the love can fly, no matter the flowers are full and the moon is green, fat, red and thin; no matter the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, or the cold and snow are frozen, my heart will always be clear and beautiful. With your persistence and no regrets, even if I don’t say a word, I am full of joy. Every day looks like a flower blooming, and I can live a lively life even in the gloomy days. If one day I can no longer connect with you, I think, I will definitely walk into the dilapidated city, and from then on, I will fall into deeper loneliness, and I will not be able to write a word of joy.

Today, the fragrance of the years must be because of you; it must be because of you to paint eyebrows and make up. With you on the road of love, my steps are no longer messy, and playing the piano is no longer in trouble. With you in the world of love, my fleeting years are no longer moonset and black, and my nights are no longer lonely and sleepy. As long as I am with you, my mood will turn into a butterfly, and I will dance on the line of time every day. Even if the years wither, even if there is no green plum for cooking wine, and no flower fragrance to fill the path, I will still be in the wind and rain. Smile, you will be at ease all your life, never sigh for being lonely.

It was only when I met you that I really heard the wonderful chords played by the mountains and rivers. It was only when I fell in love with you that I truly understood that there is a kind of love in the world of mortals, that is, people are inseparable and inseparable until death. Hold Tang Feng Song Yu in your arms, listen to a song “Acquaintance is like a mirror”, the story of this life is destined to be intertwined and lingering with you. Once this love starts, it will only last and never end. On Yanshui Road in the south of the Yangtze River, you are no longer just passing by, and I am no longer a friend without a friend.

You said, for me, you are willing to give up the mountains and rivers, take the flowers and look back lazily, and travel around the world, just to share a small room with me, pick chrysanthemums, boil the rain into tea, enjoy the wind and listen to the rain, and be happy for the rest of your life; I say, for You and I would like to give up the prosperity of the floating world, the belts are getting wider and we will never regret it, misty rain and red dust, I just want to lean on a carved window with you, splash ink and recite poems, cut red candles together, hold my hand, and grow old together. You said, there are thousands of beauties in the world, but you only have love for me; I said, there are many temptations in the world, and I only have deep love for you. In this life, you will not think that my beauty is old and late, and I will not think that you have a breeze in your sleeves. I always believe that this love will shine with the sun and the moon, and be opposite to happiness, a thousand years of reincarnation.

“It’s only because I feel that you look back, it makes me think about your morning and evening.” No matter where you are, no matter where you are, you are always in my eyes and in my heart. So far away, I am willing to support our love with a lifetime of pure and unrequited love. I will always remember that day in the temple, we knelt together in the hall to burn incense and pray for Buddha. When you and I engraved our names hard on the concentric lock, I knew that in this life, you must not marry me, and I must not marry you. The oath on the red wishing belt will surely be fulfilled in the repeated turning of Buddhist scriptures. One day, you will put on the auditorium costume for me, and I will tie up three thousand black silk for you.

From now on, we will plant red beans in the southern country together, and enjoy the white snow in the northern country together. Jun, I will never forget that day I walked hand in hand with you on the “Marriage Bridge” and “Love Reincarnation Bridge” we named together, and we both bowed to worship the old moon. You and I both believe that after crossing those two bridges, no matter how time changes, life after life, you and I will never rub shoulders and miss our marriage. You and I have agreed that in the next life, you will wait for me beside the beautiful mountains and rivers.

do you know? I quietly put the curse of love on you, just to prevent you from leaving. If you understand, from now on, we will dip our hands in the fragrance of time and ink, and write poems about life with one hand. We must practice piously for love, plant kind thoughts, and bear good fruits. Like the petals of true love, our love will definitely render the fragrance of the whole place, swaying and radiant.

In the plain time, I only want to hold a piece of elegance with you, hold the cup of fleeting years together, hold hands for joy, and laugh about the past and the present. The end of the world is not the ending you and I really want. I have engraved the cinnabar of love on your heart. I long for the warmth of interlocking fingers and the warmth of lips and teeth. Some people say that it is good for the flower of love to only bloom halfway. I want to say that it should be fully bloomed and brilliant if it is to be bloomed. We want love to bloom in succession forever, blooming in every season in the southern country, and the blooming and falling of flowers is love.

I think of a sentence from Sakyamuni: “It takes a moment to reach out, but it takes many years to hold hands. No matter who you meet, he is the person who should appear in your life, not by accident.” In fact, whether it is fate or accident, I will always be grateful for this encounter and acquaintance, glad to meet you in the vast sea of people. Because of love, I can always be crazy for you. I would like to be a woman like a lotus, blooming for you, blooming like a poem. Year after year, cherish fate, cherish love, three thousand weak waters, just take a scoop to drink. When we meet in this life, no matter how many mountains and rivers come back, no matter whether it is calamity or fate, I would like the butterfly to dance in the majesty of clouds and water, the willow bank and starry sky alone.

“When flowers bloom, they attract each other, and when they fall, they never leave each other.” Outside the window, the night has faded. In the sky, there is a meteor shower falling in your direction. I put my hands together, let a bunch of flowers in my heart be silent in my heart, and only send you a wisp of dark fragrance entrusted to the meteor. Jun, if you receive it, please come to dream in Zishi, tonight, we, see you soon… see you, never leave!

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