It turns out that we are just passers-by in the world of mortals

Come on, we are just passers-by in the world of mortals. There are traces of fate deeply imprinted on the Sansheng Stone. There are only you and me. Fate is why there are so many people looking for it. With the change of annual rings and the alternation of time, the river flows slowly. Is it the regret that the years have changed the life? Or has life changed over the years? The flow of time made me forget everything in the world, but it made me unable to have the most beautiful encounter in the past.

Fate and fate have left us with too much sadness, but we can never forget, forget that faint sadness

In the sad years, I wandered silently in the dark night alone. Looking at the stars in the night sky, there is that painful memory in my heart.

A happy and sad memory. Leaning alone in front of the window recalling the past, but nameless tears flowed from his eyes. Sigh weakly in this quiet and sad night.

There are so many joys and sorrows in the world, unsatisfactory scattered, leaving an unforgettable memory of Lumia, and then scattered in the wind and dust, and the unforgettable pain has become a long-lasting pain, which will be revealed inadvertently. The scars of age. People are learning to forget all their lives, but there are so many involuntary things. When the time passed by the loneliness of the night, the slightest traces of sadness emerged, always infected with a helpless emotion. Memories, old years, lonely myself.

I am always confused about a relationship. Why do those careful cares become dusty, can’t bear the vicissitudes of the years, or can’t stand the polishing of time? Why are you and me missing from the handwriting engraved on the Sansheng Stone? Did those poetic and picturesque chapters become sad continuations as soon as the pen was changed? I often meditate on my past, whether I am not warm enough, not doing well enough, or my emotions are too fragile, and I will die prematurely after a little wind and rain. After all, we didn’t give the time a firm grip, and we took apart a play to perform, but became each other’s spectators.

How far is the distance between heart and heart? Why can’t we always see each other’s position. It’s the end of the world in one thought, turning around is so simple, the barrier of a chasm has finally become an embankment that cannot be crossed. Time is getting old, so can the memory be dried? Those unintentionally spliced pictures touch someone’s pain and tear someone’s sadness. I often interpret all my thoughts in the rain. The raindrops hit the glass window strongly, and the dripping drops shake my heart. The rain is intertwined with disturbed thoughts, twisted into a knot. I really want to open the window and run into the rain for a strengthened baptism, let the rain wash away all the heartbreak and peel off all the loneliness.

I often feel unwilling, and a random encounter is so deep-rooted. If all the heartaches are too persistent and don’t know how to let go freely, then who will appease the loss of time? I always have doubts, whether the years have failed me, or have I dragged the years? Otherwise, why can’t you get out of the vortex you messed up? I always read in silence in paragraphs of text, looking for chapters with the same mood, but found that all the sentences are not deep enough. I also wrote late at night, scribbling the outline of the happy encounter at the beginning, but was infected by sadness again and again. It turns out that a person’s dialogue is so humble, and a one-man show without an audience is so pale.

A love always takes a whole life to act to be considered complete, so how to direct a perfect ending? There is no end to the world of mortals, we all lost to endurance, and became each other’s spectators in various evolutions. Memorizing it is like a gate that cannot be closed, always pouring down in the lonely midnight, and the sad tentacles are stretched, tearing the night mercilessly in loneliness. Meteors have passed by several times, how should I confide when I am full of words. Always thinking, in the lonely midnight, have you ever experienced the same loss? Can the moment when the meteor slides be amazing

Gradually learned to pretend, shuttled through the hustle and bustle of the world and wrapped herself with a smile, but she couldn’t hide her sad eyes. If a smile is a good medicine to cover up sadness, then I am always looking for a reason to be happy. In the face of the thoughts that often arise, I always warn myself not to be too stubborn. I will not get any relief from the one-man show I wrote and acted. I always try my best to resolve the faint melancholy that fills my heart, but I can’t find an excuse to forget it.

Often in the corner of silence and time, counting the fleeting years to see the mist and rain, and the drifting clouds, have you ever understood the loneliness of the sky? The far-fetched retention was unable to grasp that ray of tenderness after all. There are always so many unavoidable feelings in the world, for a heartbeat, but feel lost in the loss. I always wonder, if there is no such gorgeous encounter, and you are still you, and I am still me, will each other live a comfortable life and wait for a simple one. If you meet us again, can you leave behind the bustling sights and pick up fragments and splicing them into a marvel of spring blossoms.

I used to think that in the season of warm spring and flowers blooming, my sleeves would be full of fragrance, but how can the fragrance of one person interpret the romance of two people. The flowers blooming everywhere, the bees and butterflies fluttering around add to the loneliness of longing. The annual rings are thickening, and I look at the scenery of a tree, but I am swayed into the thinness of a willow branch. Time is getting old, and the day and night are constantly alternating, and I choose to be busy to cover up the emptiness in my heart. Whenever night falls, talking to the sky full of stars, but ignoring the moonlight scattered all over the place, the round of clear shadow reflected in the pool is full of loneliness. A wordless ending.

Life is fruitless, and there are too many things that cannot be retained by fate. If time can be repeated, I would like to pick up a beautiful leaf, shake off the sadness all over my body, cut out the appearance of spring, and make a unique The bookmark is full of fragrance and a light green. If time goes by like this, I would like to turn into a wisp of dust, forget all the sorrows, and silently accumulate all the past events at the corner of the years without mentioning them.

A one-man show directed and acted by oneself takes a lifetime to perform, performing different tragedies and comedies. When time can stay in this beautiful memory, I would rather turn into an invisible wind. The most beautiful encounter in life is just a sad memory, but as time goes by, it is always difficult to forget the bits and pieces of sadness.