If I were a lotus, I would only bloom for you

There is no time that can’t be squeezed out, only missing that doesn’t care;

There is no forever that cannot be realized, only emotions that cannot be cherished.

It turns out that if you don’t have time, you don’t want to have time, and if you don’t cherish it, you don’t want to cherish it!

The lost things are no longer needed when they come back; the lost feelings are no longer important when they come back.

Not all people can wait for you where they are; not to mention all feelings can be regained.

Some people don’t quarrel, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love them anymore, but they must be hurt;

Some people are silent, not necessarily because they are gone, but they must have been left out.

The love is true, so the hurt is deep; the wait is long, so the disappointment is much.

I didn’t leave without reason, and I didn’t lose overnight.

If you don’t care, you will only have a fate that is gradually drifting away; if you don’t care, you will only have a fading relationship…

Don’t wait for the person to leave before crying; don’t wait for the love to fade before making love.

Friends are not waiting for you to find them when you need them; feelings are not waiting for you to miss them before you understand each other’s goodness.

A long-term relationship is a mutual contribution; an eternal friendship is a mutual treasure!

The moon that cannot be reached is always the most beautiful; the wind that cannot be grasped is always the fastest; the person who cannot get it is always the best.

In fact, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is futile if it is not in front of you;

No matter how deep the relationship is, it doesn’t belong to you, it’s just empty talk.

There is no need to chase those who go far away, and to be a man must be dignified;

There is no need to regret the separated love, and there must be a bottom line for love.

Time is the best filter.

Take away the short-term tenderness, and leave behind a long-term companionship;

Eliminated illusory possessions and screened out real friends.

I can see with my eyes who is going and who is staying; I know in my heart that who is good and who is bad.

Because: the one who really loves you is reluctant to leave; the one who treats you well can’t bear to hurt you!

If you can’t catch the car, don’t chase it, it’s a waste of effort; if you can’t wait, don’t wait, it’s a waste of time.

I have exhausted my longing after calling and shouting, and I can’t call someone who doesn’t care about you;

Wishing to see you is full of regrets, and you can’t hope for someone who doesn’t have you in your heart.

Others don’t appreciate it, so why bother to be infatuated; others are indifferent, why do you have to act again and again.

Feelings cannot be won, those who love you will never leave, and those who do not love you can only bring you harm.

If the car is far away, there will be another trip; if the person leaves, there will be another one.

In this world, whoever leaves has to live, and to live a more exciting life!

People who love you will not let you lose in a mess;

People who love you will not let tears hang from the corners of your eyes;

People who understand you will not make you feel lonely and helpless.

Love is very simple, all you need is companionship; pain is easy, all you need is pity; understanding is very ordinary, all you need is warmth.

Anyone who turns around and leaves you when you are lonely, difficult, or painful, is a person who is enthusiastic for a while;

Only when you are sad, when you need it, when you are frustrated, and never leave, is the person who will be affectionate all your life.

Don’t look at the surface when looking at people, sincerity is the most important thing;

Listen to the sound and don’t listen to sweet words, you will know who is the best after a long time!

People who want to find you can find you even after traveling all over the world;

Those who are willing to wait for you will wait for you when they are old.

Getting off the bus in the middle is not because the scenery is not beautiful enough, but because the heart is not sincere enough;

Turning around halfway was not because of the superficial fate, but because of the lack of deep relationship.

The person who laughs with you may not be able to cry with you;

But those who cry with you will definitely laugh with you.

Don’t shed tears for those who give up on you, it’s not worth being sad;

Don’t regret the lost love, there is no need to be intoxicated.

After going through some things, you can always see some people clearly; if you see some people clearly, you can always understand some feelings.

Remember one sentence: those who love you will not leave; those who do not love you will not be able to stay!