An emotional nostalgia, a sweet and affectionate love

Couple in love holding hands and enjoying christmas mood.

There is a kind of mutual wish, a kind of emotional nostalgia, a kind of falling of feelings, a kind of sweet and affectionate love.

Love is between each other, rare and precious. Tolerance and kindness are needed, and the relationship between the two needs to be continued. There is no emotion in life that can match the intensity of love. True love grows from the bottom of the heart and nourishes the love; it can make the years full and happy.

Love has experienced the heartbeat of silence and joy, the throbbing of the heart, and the careful care. The coming of the soul of love, the experience of tenderness and sweetness, the emotion of love lures the feelings between each other. Love is like a flame, burning passionately between each other; love is like beautiful mountain flowers, blooming brilliantly in the fragrant years between each other.

Love between each other is joy, a longing for happiness, a longing, a desire. If a person does not have the support of love, all that is left is spiritual emptiness and loneliness. No matter how painful it is, love is only a part of life. In the face of reality, only by straightening out the mind, forgetting the unpleasantness, and taking care of the spiritual life can we continue to enjoy our life.

Of course love is beautiful, but sometimes it can be unsatisfactory. Life is a journey, there are sunny and dark sides, and it is inevitable that you will experience troughs, so don’t be too anxious. If one party intends to leave, it must not be retained, and the person who stays will not be able to retain his heart. The tea will be cold when people leave, and it will lose its aroma when it is warmed up. Cherish it when you have it. Love needs to treat each other with sincerity.

To be a human being, you must know how to think. Once a foolish person jumps into the vortex of broken love, it will be difficult to break free. Anxiety, loneliness, depression, and exhaustion. A wise person, reasonable, let everything go with the flow, and will not cling to the beauty of the past. Since she insisted on leaving, love has lost its luster. So, why miss her brilliance again.

The emotion is indeed graceful. Sometimes chance happens to favor love. Who can walk side by side with you in the crowd passing by; who can care about getting on the boat with you and sailing to the other shore of love. In the rolling world of mortals, only when two people are willing and like each other can they be regarded as love at first sight, which is a matter of course.

In this world there is a kind of love called fate. Meet in talking and laughing, happen inadvertently. Love meets at several corners, and in the end it is better to choose the first love. This is not to be said by accident, nor by coincidence, they formed naturally in the dark. It is an invisible entanglement of power, and there are opportunities and possibilities for encounters in encounters.

A tree grows by absorbing nutrients, blossoms and bears fruit. People also need to absorb nutrients and thrive. Especially during the delicate moments between love and love, it should be as brilliant as a spring flower, nourished and cultivated into a gorgeous and colorful appearance that is enviable and appreciated. A man depends on clothes and a horse depends on a saddle, and a person’s connotation is shown in his taste. Neatness and generosity are respect for the other party.

In the early years of love, a flower, whoever picks it will not pick it, and whoever offers it will not give it. It can also be said that whoever picks it first wears it first. However, love still has its many elements and emotional interpretations.

When people reach maturity, they will naturally seek love. Love will create a couple’s happiness and fulfillment. Love has nothing to do with age; there is a common language, similar feelings, and similar experiences to communicate frankly and naturally, without any affectation. Only by deep understanding can there be the cause of love. Love uses true feelings to realize the process of mutual communication. Love is longing and the foundation of marriage.

Love is free, marriage is independent. From ancient times to the present, it is often a display in front of the world. Well-matched family, the concept of family status. Only then will there be love tragedy stories staged: “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl”, “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”, “Romeo and Juliet” and so on. It fully reproduces the feudal secular and end-time human nature, and reveals various tragedies and irreconcilable social contradictions between the weak and the strong.

The behavior of love is soft and slow, not eager for success. Love is the cause and effect of the feelings of both parties, and one person’s behavior is not called love. Love is targeted, don’t make a mistake, some are only good to you on the level of friendship, that’s not love. It is very painful for a person to maintain infatuation. Love without substance is sad, and he cannot guarantee the continuity of love.

True love, regardless of rich or poor, regardless of distance. Thousands of feelings, all kinds of nostalgia. In the world of mortals, the heart is long. The promises travel thousands of miles, and they come only because of feelings.

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