When you meet for the first time, you have already determined the positioning of your relationship

Friendly and polite: This is the basic quality of being a human being. Don’t bluff and speak in a moderate voice, which will make the other party think that you are a well-bred person, and the girl will think that you are worth continuing to communicate with.

Indifference attitude: This is a manifestation of no need, of course there are more ways of no need, but this is the simplest. Let girls think you are not a womanizer.

Many brothers meet for the first time to show their enthusiasm, which can easily scare the other party, because while showing enthusiasm, it is inevitable not to do things to please the other party, so the girl will feel pressure and want to escape.

In fact, you have to try to treat her as an ordinary friend. Even if you can’t bear it in your heart, you still have to hold back. You will fail until the end. You must act like she is an ordinary friend you haven’t seen for a long time.

When you meet for the first time, you have already determined the positioning of your relationship.

Don’t foolishly think that as long as you are passionate, girls will throw themselves into your arms.

For example:

If you keep praising girls, girls will think you are glib and unreliable, so you have to tease her appropriately and balance your compliments.

When girls meet you for the first time, they will not look for your good points, but for your shortcoming. This is similar to shopping on Taobao, you always go to see the bad reviews of this product. You don’t want to do something eye-catching, but you really win by not making mistakes.

In fact, girls will give you a chance to meet, in fact, it is to give each other a chance, don’t think that she really wants you.

After meeting for the first time, it feels ok, you still have a lot of process to go, attraction, dating, holding hands, hugging, kissing and so on. These are essential links between lovers.

But these prerequisites are that you have a good start and a good first meeting.

The first time you meet, is your self-construction qualified?

Self-construction is not only about dressing up, but also about details.

Some people are very strange, after the first date, the girl does not come out.

There is no problem with dating, but his self-construction problem is very serious, if she likes you, it’s okay, if she doesn’t like you, she will hate you more and more!


Hairstyle You must choose a hairstyle that suits you. You must first determine what your face shape is.

It seems that the face is relatively large, and the hairstyle is mostly shaped with short hair upwards, and the face is elongated to make the face not look so big.

Judging the face shape is up to you at this stage. If you don’t know how to judge, you can ask your classmates or colleagues to help you judge. The next step is to choose a hairstyle according to the face shape, and then go to the barber shop to have your hair cut.


For men who like to grow beards, it is a very low-value thing not to know that the beard is not right. Asians themselves are not thick enough. Your beard is sparse and sparse, just like the Mediterranean, which is very ugly.

Only people with thick beards are suitable for growing beards, and you don’t even have a beard. How to style a beard.

Hair Spray and Setting Spray

Many people can’t tell the difference between setting and styling spray.

After you have just washed your hair, you need to use styling products for styling. The last thing you must use is a setting spray. There is no doubt that styling will make your hairstyle last longer.

Because many people don’t know these things, the hairstyle you set up is messed up within a few hours after you go out. Not to mention dating, women don’t want to see your hairstyle.


Women don’t like men with long nails, especially eagle-shaped ones. When the nails are long, it is easy to hide dirt in them, so nail trimming is a must.


Find a mirror, smile at the mirror, and see if you have yellow teeth. One day you dated her, on the first date, she smiled at you, her teeth were so yellow that they were almost black, how interested are you in continuing to date her?

There are two types of teeth cleaning and whitening. You need to clean your teeth once a year to keep your teeth in the best condition, so that your sister and yourself can look at them comfortably.


Everyone has eyebrows, but many people don’t know that eyebrows are as important as appearance. A suitable eyebrow shape will give you a lot of points.

You can look at celebrities, no eyebrows are messy, the most typical example is the unibrow, do you think it looks good?

As for how to repair eyebrows, the easiest way is to go to a nail salon or hairdresser for repairs, and let them help you repair an eyebrow shape that suits you.

If your conversation satisfies the goddess, but in the end you lose to your own construction, don’t you feel aggrieved?

Before dating, improving self-building is imperative.

After you have achieved the above points in self-construction, you can date girls smoothly and give each other a good impression as soon as you meet. How should you chat after that? We will explain in detail later!