What I want to teach you today is how to create a perfect date with your heart

I just saw this topic. I don’t know how picky people will think? Don’t date if you don’t want to spend more money, you deserve to be single if you’re so stingy. Wait a minute.
But in fact, “dating requires extravagance and more money” is a big misunderstanding. Spending more money does not mean that you can make girls feel comfortable on this date.

On the contrary, spending more money will increase your sense of giving and even expose your sense of need to a certain extent. The most important thing about dating is “feeling” rather than “money”.

What should be given to girls is “touching” rather than “buying”, and what is important is “feeling” rather than “money”.

So what I want to teach you today is how to create a perfect date with your heart!

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

OK, first of all, let’s analyze what the perfect date looks like for girls.

In my opinion, the following must be met:

There is a clean, handsome, warm gentleman boy
One or more memorable rendezvous locations
Some heart-warming actions made her unforgettable every day
So let’s talk about how to do these three points one by one:

Face the girl you are dating with the most clean, handsome, warm and gentlemanly appearance
In every girl’s heart, the fantasy of every date must be that at the agreed place, a boy walks far away, and his white shirt and handsome smile live in my heart in the sun.

Hahahahaha, not to mention being so hypocritical, the white shirt in winter is almost freezing to death. All in all, if a clean and handsome you can appear in front of a girl with a warm smile, then the date is half successful!

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

What? Do you think you are like this every time?

Then let me ask you, how long did it take you to pack yourself before going out? Are the details sanitation in place?

Don’t think that girls can’t see your nose hair that hasn’t been trimmed all the year round!

Little finger still dare to keep nails?

In autumn, the face is full of dry skin and you wash your face before going out?

Let’s talk about personal hygiene first
First of all, you must go to bed early the night before, and recharge your energy to appear in front of girls.

Secondly, before you go out on a date, you must check the hygiene of every corner of your body, hair should be taken care of, and nails should be trimmed.

I guess it doesn’t cost money? But this is precisely the most important thing in dating! If you are sloppy, even if you treat a girl to a meal of 1,000 yuan, it will be difficult for a girl to like you!

Then there’s our attire
First of all, if you are not very good at dressing and matching, then please make sure that the shirts and pants are wrinkle-free, the shoes are clean, and there are not too many cumbersome accessories, just a watch.

Today, Fresh Fruit also found some clothes that can be worn on a winter date. Dear friends, you can refer to them. These clothes can be worn whether you are commuting or gathering with friends, so they are undoubtedly the most cost-effective.

Every dating location you carefully selected is to give girls the greatest favor.

So today, Xianguo will make it clear that when we choose a date location, the most important basis for us to choose is what stage of development you are in.

If your choice does not match your developmental stage, it will cause some of your wrong behaviors to happen frequently, which will make girls feel uncomfortable in dating.

If it’s the first date, choose a date that is easy to communicate, such as dinner, afternoon tea, and art exhibitions together.

If it is the first few dates, choose a place that can enrich the fun of life and increase the conversation, so that girls feel that you are not a boring person on weekdays.

For example, take part in a dinner together at the Werewolf Killing Club, a small weekend theater, or go to the most beautiful library in the city together.

If you want to choose an ambiguous place that is convenient for physical communication after many dates, such as a movie theater, a nightclub, a dark tavern where love songs are sung, you can quickly upgrade your relationship!

And here are some examples that Fresh Fruit gives you here, I have a way for you to find the most cost-effective one!

Afternoon tea: Use Dianping to find a cafe with a small family and a unique environment that does not lose the grade.

For example, there are many themed cafes in Beijing’s hutongs, where two people can chat comfortably for an afternoon. Generally, a cup of coffee is around 35-40 yuan. It’s over a hundred yuan for two people!

This cafe must be carefully selected by you! If it’s just a simple Starbucks and a popular coffee shop in a shopping mall, it will make girls feel very sloppy!

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

Dinner: You can still use Dianping to find the cheapest and most distinctive restaurants hidden in the city.

“Featured” doesn’t make your selection look cheap and shabby. “Features” are the best way to improve cost performance!

“Feature” is the most powerful weapon that can make girls feel that you care about your date! “Feature” is the biggest highlight when girls will keep memories of your date in the future.

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

Art exhibition: Here you can use Momo, there is an option on it: nearby activities.

Dear friends, you can use this function to see some recent exhibitions held in your city, and you can also directly see how much each ticket costs and whether it is free or not.

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

(This is a 500 light show, the ticket price is very cheap about 100 yuan! Taking girls here really falls in love with you every minute)

Similarly, the function of activities near Momo, this function can also help you find a variety of interesting dating places, most of which have group tickets.

Fresh Fruit once spent 29.9 yuan to watch “Farewell My Concubine” again in a comfortable coffee shop with more than 20 friends who love movies.

Let’s remember brother together, isn’t it more interesting than you usually ask girls to go to the cinema to watch a movie?

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

Be the warmest gentleman and quickly capture the hearts of girls
Detail 1: If possible, it is best to pick up the girl. If it is not convenient, you must find a conspicuous place to wait for her in advance and then go to the date together.

Detail 2: When entering the elevator, you have to be the first, press the elevator button, and when you get out of the elevator, let the girls go out first, and you should go out after yourself, which shows your concern for the girls.

A similar situation is also when entering the door, but when entering the door, you have to open the door first and let the girls go in first.

Detail 3: When you come to the date place to take a seat, you need to help the girl open the seat. Now that it is winter, you can help her take off the coat by the way.

These seemingly hypocritical actions are precisely the ones that can best impress girls.

Guaranteed that after the date, she will be delighted and can’t wait to show off to her girlfriends! Said that today I met a gentleman whom I hadn’t seen in a hundred years!

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

You ask me why do I have to do this? Because girls are born with a strong sense of anticipation when it comes to love and dating, every girl hopes to be valued and treated like a princess.

So there is no doubt that these actions will greatly increase the sense of ritual of this date, and fully let girls feel that you attach importance to this date. These are all bonus points!

Similarly, with such gentlemanly behavior, it is a big step closer to the perfect date in girls’ hearts!

Of course, as long as you are a gentleman, you don’t need to spend money at all to be perfect!

As long as you do the three points I mentioned above, then my dear, you can say that this date is very successful!

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

Then let’s talk about it again, if you want to have multiple special sessions on one date and do more interesting things with girls, how should you do it better?
How to make a smooth transition during dating to increase dating time and quality?
How to change dates, we first have to divide them into two situations:

first date try transition
[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

multiple date attempts
After you have been in contact with girls on multiple dates before, basically you already have some understanding of what girls like. Then come out to meet again, “special” is particularly important.

At this time, the main purpose of dating becomes to further upgrade your relationship with girls.

Of course, another purpose is to let girls further discover that no matter how many times they go on dates with you, they will not be boring, so that they have more expectations for falling in love with you in the future.

So what we have to do is to make a choice based on your personal hobbies, or the personal hobbies of girls when setting the date transfer destination.

Correct way:

Step 1: According to the hobbies of your target girl, pay more attention to the places in your city where you can go on a date.

For example, girls usually like to read books, then you can usually find out where there are the most distinctive bookstores through Baidu, Weibo, and the official account of the same city.

In this way, when you want to make a multi-purpose transition one day, you can quickly choose a suitable location. Of course, the same is true for your own hobbies, usually pay more attention to some interesting places.

Step 2: Make an invitation to a dating place related to your hobbies, and other dating projects will come out by the way.

For example: If you want to date a girl in multiple venues today, then you can say: I found a very beautiful bookstore in the city, let’s go to a book club together? When you are tired from reading, go to eat some special snacks together.

Step 3: After the girl agrees to be invited, do a good job of preparation before the date and some detailed operations during the date, which are still the three points I mentioned above.

[Dating Tips] How to Make a Perfect Date

Today’s tutorial is really full of dry goods, you have to study hard! Grasp every date well, otherwise there will be no chance to develop further with girls!

In short, dating must be a handsome you as the perfect foundation for dating, the location of the date is the condition for creating a romantic atmosphere, details determine the quality of the date, and you need to do everything carefully!