Very Useful Dating Tips That Might Help You Feel Smooth And Happy

Dating between boys and girls, especially the first date, is the most critical moment to establish an image. You must not ruin your image because you don’t understand it. It is basically impossible to develop in that way. Ziwei carefully summed up 8 dating skills for you, so that your relationship will go further~

1. Pay attention to facial expressions

One of the dating tips for guys and girls is to notice that your facial expressions can be bright, but never complacent. When you meet a good partner, you hit it off with each other and have a good conversation. At this time, you must pay attention to your facial expressions during the conversation, and don’t get carried away because of speculation. A guy who dances and dances makes the other person think you are flirtatious.

2. Pay attention to the content of the conversation

Don’t be too serious about the content of the conversation, and don’t make excuses for nothing. Don’t be too stiff and serious, don’t just ask about the other person’s family and work situation. If you’re not good with words, don’t make excuses for nothing. Dating skills with girls You can talk about the latest new movie, where there is a nice new restaurant, etc., and if it doesn’t work, teach the other party the dominance of the conversation.

3. Pay attention to the proportion of conversation

The time of the conversation must be as balanced as possible. Don’t be the one who chatters, and don’t be the one who can only say “en”. A pleasant conversation should be that you come and go, and go back and forth. This is the embodiment of dating skills with girls.

4. The speed of conversation should not be too fast

Because it is the first date, the two parties are not familiar with each other, so the speed of the conversation should not be too fast, and try to let the other party be able to hear clearly. A moderate speaking rate will also increase your grace. It is also a basic conversation etiquette not to interrupt the other party casually.

5. Appropriate self-expression

Girls hate self-righteous men. The dating skills of boys and girls need to pay attention not to show off their glorious deeds endlessly. The other party will think you are demonstrating and will be disgusted with your superficiality. Show yourself appropriately and let the other party know you as much as possible.

6. Talk about your own embarrassment appropriately

Humorous dialogue can reduce your nervousness and improve the mood of the conversation. Let me tell you a little bit about your embarrassment.

7. Talk confidently

A good dose of self-confidence is also a necessary element to add to your conversation. Don’t just go along with the other person blindly, this will make the other person think you are a nympho.

8. Choose a comfortable place

On the first date, boys should choose the location. So this requires that you must make yourself comfortable, the place you choose is familiar to you, or the activities you have with girls must be what you are good at. If you’ve never rollerbladed before, it’s definitely not a good idea to go rollerblading on a first date. The prime minister in a familiar place can make himself more relaxed and able to deal with various emergencies more easily. At the same time, he can be familiar with all kinds of arrangements after the date, so he must go to a place he is familiar with.

In short, the first date does not seek great achievements, but seeks to be innocent, especially not to expose your bad habits, then you will have no chance at all. It is very important to master the dating skills of guys and girls especially for guys who are dating girls for the first time!