These titles when chasing girls can increase your success rate a lot

Addresses are ubiquitous in this society. Whether it is relatives, leaders or friends, we all have unique titles, and the same is true in relationships.

The title is often the best way to experience the intimate relationship between two people, just like the best brother or best friend of a boy and a girl. The titles between us are intimate, unique and unique. What kind of relationship should be called has become the default standard in everyone’s mind. .

[Dating Skills] When chasing girls, these names can increase your success rate by 80%

But there is another special relationship, above friends but below lovers, this kind of relationship is the ambiguous period, which is usually the most common when boys pursue girls, but it also causes headaches for many boys, what should they call each other during the ambiguous period? I’m afraid that the barking is too unfamiliar and the other party will not feel my heart, and I am afraid that the barking is too intimate and the other party will be disgusted, what should I do?

Today I will teach you a few titles that you can use when you are chasing a girl. It will neither embarrass the two parties nor make the girl feel disgusted. When it is important, these titles can greatly increase your confession success rate to a certain extent.

[Dating Skills] When chasing girls, these names can increase your success rate by 80%

1. my baby or my girl

The popular titles for girls in recent years are also one of the few titles that can be used when the relationship between men and women is not clear. The most important thing for girls is age. Any girl hopes that she can remain 18 years old. This is not only the pursuit of age, but also The pursuit of youth, after all, who doesn’t want to be praised for being young? Cute is also a girl’s favorite adjective. No matter what age this word is popular among girls, and the feature of this appellation is that it not only means that girls are young, but also can directly express the characteristics of girls’ cuteness. It just combines the two and becomes Girls’ favorite title is also a matter of course.

2, honey or sweet

The domineering president style is highly sought after among girls. They have fantasized that they can be pursued by a domineering boy since they were young. Although they are grown up now, this fantasy is still kept in their hearts, and the word “my family” is just right. Dig out this fantasy, before she becomes a couple with you, but you have declared sovereignty, this kind of behavior is quite domineering in the eyes of girls, and it hits girls’ hearts just right, if she is also interested in you , this word can advance your relationship directly to lovers.

[Dating Skills] When chasing girls, these names can increase your success rate by 80%

3. named her childhood name

Everyone doesn’t want to grow up, and they all want to be taken care of like a child, but they don’t want to be told that you are like a child. This kind of ambivalence has always been hidden in the hearts of girls, but it can be seen from their requirements for choosing a spouse. Nowadays, many girls hope to find a boyfriend who can take care of themselves. To put it bluntly, they hope that they can be taken care of like children, so the title “silly boy” is just in line with their ideas, and there is a little bit of pampering in the title, which happens to be the best choice for girls. like.