Shameless spirit When it comes to thick skin, few people can be compared with bad men

Why can a scumbag change his girlfriend every day, but an honest man can only become a single dog for thousands of years? The reason is that most good men don’t understand girls’ psychology, but bad men know it well. The following are 3 bad tricks that old drivers often use to flirt with girls, and most women can’t stand it! I hope that the veterans here can learn from it, and don’t let the good cabbage be beaten by pigs.
Shameless spirit When it comes to thick skin, few people can be compared with bad men.
For example, once a few of our friends had dinner together, and one of the girls had rice sticking to the corner of her mouth, but she didn’t notice it. When a male colleague next to her was about to remind her tactfully, another boy said The girl quickly wiped it off with a tissue. After the girl realized it, she first smiled shyly, and then said “thank you” to the boy with a blushing face.

Later, the two became a couple as it should be, and the other boy is still an old bachelor until now.

To give this example, I want to tell everyone that because bad men have a rich love history, they are more comfortable when getting along with girls, and they understand the principle of “shoot when it’s time to shoot”. In contrast, when a good man gets along with a girl, he is always more hesitant and twitchy. If things go on like this, girls will classify you as an “honest person” and will only regard you as a male best friend, but not a boyfriend.

So, if you want to get out of the single, then be thick-skinned, don’t think that if you wait there, a woman will take the initiative to pursue you, if so, please give yourself a slap, because you are dreaming!

Can catch girls’ stalks at any time A boy can have no house or car, but if he is humorous, good at chatting, and the one who drives the atmosphere at parties every time, girls will look at him differently.

For example, once I was chatting with a straight man, I asked him “Do you know the difference between you and Monkey King?” In fact, this was originally a simple love story, but the straight man obviously didn’t realize it, so he thought about it for a while and then He asked me in a daze, “Are you calling me like a monkey?”

I was speechless at the time, and then I turned around and asked another boy. This boy is the kind of person who is very good at answering questions. He didn’t even think about it, so he replied, “Monkey King lives in a cave, and I live in your heart.” Acridine~” See, this is the difference between an honest man and a bad man. An honest man always likes to use the most logical way of thinking to chat with girls, which is what we often call “straight man thinking”.

As for the bad guys, they will keenly catch the stalks thrown by every girl, and then turn passive into active, successfully teasing the girls’ hearts.

Cold attitude, warm demeanor There was once a boy who was repeatedly issued a good guy card and asked me: “Why are girls so hard to chase now?”

My answer is: “If you pick up girls every day, or give her some expensive gifts often, not only will the girls not be moved, but it will make her gradually feel that these are what you should do.”

He continued to ask: “Then what can I do to impress her?” I thought for a long time, and answered him this way: “It is often the details that are the easiest to impress a girl.”

For example, if a girl keeps rubbing her hands in winter, you don’t need to speak, just hand her a cup of hot coffee, and she will naturally understand your thoughtfulness; or if a girl coughs because the person next to her is smoking, then you can Say to smokers, “Pinch the cigarette, I finally quit, so don’t tempt me.”

In short, when you use a very metaphorical way to help a girl secretly resolve her difficulties, you will immediately rise to a higher level in her heart.

And don’t worry that she won’t notice your carefulness, because a girl is an animal with extremely sensitive emotions. As long as you do it, she, who is smart, will definitely find out.