If there are these 4 situations, it means that your relationship is already very close, and you can go further

After boys and girls develop to a certain stage, not only boys want to go further, but girls will also give you hints that they want to have intimate contact.

Let me share with you some intimate contact hints of girls, those who don’t understand, hurry up and take a look!

[Dating Skills] These 4 actions of girls suggest that you can kiss her!

1 hand cream rubbing method

It is said that in the circle of girls, there is a special “mobbing” trick for handsome boys: apply hand cream.

The general routine is that if a girl is interested in you, she will pretend that she has squeezed too much when applying hand cream, and then coquettishly say “Oh, it’s too crowded, come ~ reach out ~ give you some”, and then, They can naturally touch the extra hand cream to your hands and take the opportunity to “mooch”.

In fact, putting aside this conspiracy theory, even if a girl really touches too much hand cream and wants to give you some, it also shows that she has a crush on you, so she is willing to take the initiative to have physical contact with you.

2 palmistry

Girls are very reserved and scheming creatures. If they want to “upgrade your body” with you, there are many ways you can’t think of. The most classic way is to read palms.

These “scheming girls” will pretend to be “magic fortune tellers”, and then solemnly say that they will show you palm reading, and draw circles on your palm with the index finger of the other hand: “Your life line is very long, um, you can live through it.” Next week”, “Look at your love line, I guess you will meet the right one soon”…

No matter what they say, you just need to know that if a girl approaches you for no reason and has physical contact with you, it largely means that she has a crush on you, and her purpose is to make you like her too.

3Help you down the stairs, not the railing

If it happens that a girl accidentally slips down the stairs with you and loses her center of gravity, the first thing she thinks of is to grab you, not the railing next to her. Then congratulations, she actually likes you in her heart.

Because the action that people have time to react in the future can explain many things. In her view, when she is in danger, you are her reliance and protection, and she feels safe by your side.

4 pretending to be drunk

Regarding drinking, many boys misunderstand girls, thinking that they are too strong to drink. But the truth is that some girls are actually very good at drinking and not so easy to get drunk.

If a girl is willing to drink with you and complains of dizziness just after drinking a little, then there is only one possibility: she is interested in you, but she is too embarrassed to say it, so she hopes to use the power of alcohol to cover up, so that she can have a logical relationship with you story.

So the next time you meet a girl drinking in front of you, don’t foolishly snatch the girl’s wine glass and say “don’t drink”, otherwise you will really become an incomprehensible lump in her heart.

The above is the valuable experience of the editor in the past 20 years of teasing girls, but veterans must pay attention: If a girl always maintains a physical distance when interacting with you on a date, and her speech is relatively flat or polite, it means At this time, girls have a good sense of self-protection, and subconsciously feel that you have plans for her. At this time, you must not move your body.