How to hold hands on the first date Girls don’t say no to you, please do the following

For those who are dating for the first time, it is not an easy task to hold hands with the girl you love and look at the sky step by step, and not all girls like to hold hands overbearingly, so it is especially important to create opportunities to hold hands when dating girls important. Not much to say, here are 5 tricks to teach you fancy holding hands.
Hand-holding skills 1. Leading the sheep hand in hand
Suitable for various daily scenes, such as crossing the road, taking stairs, taking elevators, walking grass, walking uneven roads, climbing mountains, etc.;
Hand-holding skills 2. Palmistry
It is suitable for static scenes, such as eating, resting, and waiting for the bus. Palm reading is the most common cold reading, which can start a spiritual dialogue. There are many books that teach people to read palmistry. It is enough to understand a little bit, and you can focus on understanding the line shapes related to emotions such as the relationship line and marriage line. You can also develop palm reading to palm massage, “You have a lot of horizontal lines here, indicating that you are a very sensitive person…” Then gently touch her fingertips, finger crevices, finger roots, back of her hand, arm, arm, etc. Sensitive areas such as limb sockets.
Holding hands technique 3. Palm massage
It is suitable for all kinds of still scenes, “I know that massaging an acupoint on the hand can treat stomach pain (sore throat, cold), but most of the time it is enough to just press it blindly. After pressing it, it is very relaxing and comfortable, and the illness will be relieved a little.
Hand-holding skills 4. Warm hands
Due to physiological reasons, women’s palms are often cold, especially in spring, autumn and winter and in the morning and evening. At these times, you can hold the girl’s hand and say, “Your hands are so cold. It is said that men have shamisen fire, and my hands have never been cold.” Then warm her hands.
Provided an example, “I read a story today. There was a girl whose hands were always cold in winter. The doctor said that someone warming her hands could cure it. A boy warmed her hands for an hour every day. I don’t know if it is really curative or not. After touching the heavens, her frostbite really healed. Let’s try it too.”
Hand-holding skills five. Use the props in the girl’s hands, such as rings, bracelets, watches, nail polish, and tattoos. “The color of your bracelet matches your clothes very well. Let me have a look.” He took her hand along the way. “There is a butterfly on each of your nails, so cute!” Paying attention to these details can make a girl feel that you are a very careful and emotional man. After breaking through holding hands, the atmosphere is suitable, and you should break through to the next stage in one go. If the timing is not right, more suspense and anticipation can be created, and there is a chance to advance to the next two stages. Once a girl holds your hand once, it’s easy to hold hands next time.