Girls’ favorite way of chatting on a date, some tips for falling in love, so you won’t be embarrassed and left alone

Boys chatting: what are you doing? Have you got a meal yet? How is your day?

The girl responded: Well, I’m going to take a shower.

Every time you see a girl responding so perfunctorily, you should be very disappointed, but you are the one who is talking to death!

If one day a girl suddenly becomes interested and agrees to your invitation, don’t lose points for yourself during the date.

Chatting is indispensable in dating. What kind of topics to talk to girls has always been the most concerned issue for boys, but in fact, it really doesn’t matter what to talk about. What matters is the atmosphere and feeling of chatting.

Even if you have prepared enough topics, your chat method is still the kind of awkward chat with one question and one answer, and girls still won’t like it.

Therefore, before going on a date, you must first find out how girls like to chat, so as to make your chat atmosphere more harmonious.

So, let’s take a look at the way girls like to chat on a date.



If she is a dignified girl, how to approach her? The answer is – make her laugh.

When a woman laughs, she often expresses these two meanings:

①This is an interesting man, so funny

②What is he talking about, but I like it very much, anyway, no matter what he says, I will want to laugh.

The charm of humor is inseparable from the whole human being. First of all, you have to be an interesting person, and then you will exude the charm of humor;

And humor is inseparable from other advantages of a man. That is to say, only when you are a high-quality man, humor will become the shining point among your many advantages. Heart’s special weapon.

Girls are emotional animals and are easily led by others. If you are humorous, she will joke with you and even make you happy; if you are boring or dead, she will not want to say a word to you.

What girls are most afraid of is meeting those dull boys who don’t understand humor, because after they throw out a funny stalk, the other party doesn’t know how to respond in a daze, which makes girls choke the stalk back to their stomachs.

Therefore, some boys asked: How can I become humorous?

In fact, it’s very simple. Watch more entertainment news, funny jokes, etc. on the Internet. After accumulating a certain amount of conversation materials, you can naturally say some humorous words.

Properly exaggerating the meaning of girls in the chat is the so-called misinterpretation, which can also achieve a humorous effect.


ask specific questions

It’s not that girls don’t like you asking questions, they just don’t like you always asking boring questions.

The most frequently asked questions are: what are you doing, have you eaten, are you free, etc. If it were you, people would often ask you these questions, would you feel bored or even disgusted?

That’s right, it’s like eating the same dish every day. You may like it very much at first, but you will feel tired afterward.

What should I do if I get tired? Then change it to a different taste, so that it will have a sense of freshness. Similarly, since girls feel that the question “what are you doing” is boring, then change it, change it to a question that makes her feel fresh and interesting.

Girls like to chat about gossip, especially about her, she will be happy to share with you what she has seen and heard.

Uninteresting questions are often just one or two words, so when you ask a question, the more specific the better, it will be easier to continue more topics from the question.


listen and share feelings

On a date, if a girl confides in you, you must listen carefully to what she has to say.

Because a girl will only share her story with you if she trusts you.

If you are just a listener, you are likely to become a girl’s trash can.

The correct way is to share your feelings after listening to the girl’s story.

Girls say a lot of things without purpose, they just want to say it, and want to share their inner feelings at this moment with the people next to them.

At this time, you just need to cooperate with her and talk about your thoughts at this moment.

Chatting itself has no purpose. It is not called chatting when you ask her to answer. The way to understand each other through chatting can also be listening and sharing feelings.


resonate with girls

A girl prefers to be with someone she resonates with rather than someone whose personality complements her.

We all miss our childhood and college life. When we were young, we had childhood dreams, and when we were in college, we had college dreams. You can talk to girls about interesting things about childhood and future dream plans.

Many people live a realistic life, but they are not happy. Therefore, talking about childhood and school days will always make people very nostalgic, and talking about dreams will always be very passionate.

Share more past stories and future plans with girls. Because of the time illusion, it will make the other party feel that you have known each other for a long time. Therefore, the relationship between two people can be quickly promoted.

Leading topics can be:

“What was your childhood and college like?”

“What do you want to be in the future? What are your wishes?”

“If you could choose, which city would you like to live in?”

“What happened to you that made you feel most romantic and moving?”

As a guide, you can start by telling anecdotes about your childhood, events in college, and plans and dreams about your life.

The topic everyone is most interested in is herself. When she shares her story with you, you can look at her and say, “Do you want to know what kind of person you are in my eyes?”

Remember to pause, and then say: “Actually, you look quite sexy, but you are not as confident as you look on the outside. Sometimes you look a little cold on the outside, but I think you are a very enthusiastic person.” Your best friends know you very well. You are a girl who is willing to give. Once you find someone you like, you don’t care about gains and losses to pursue it. But sometimes you don’t have an opinion, it’s easy Trust others, right?”

This is called cold reading, which can instantly hit a girl’s heart and resonate.

As long as you come up with a similar topic or tell about your own experience to resonate with her, describe your feelings, and fully mobilize her emotions, she will share more things about her with you.

This way not only allows girls to take the initiative to chat with you, but also to get to know her from the stories she shares.


Clear thinking

When some boys are dating girls, due to excessive nervousness, their speech becomes unclear, even a bit weird, and girls don’t know what you are talking about at all.

During the dating process, you are not the only one who is nervous, girls are also nervous, so she hopes that the boys she is dating can drive her and relieve her nervousness.

At the same time, girls are also more worried. During the chat, they are afraid that they will not be able to judge the point of your words, and they will not know how to reply to you. The atmosphere will be awkward.

Therefore, in the dating chat, she hopes that the other party can have a clear idea, so that she does not have to know what the other party is talking about after listening.

As for how to have a clear thinking, you only need to communicate and chat with people more to accumulate conversation resources, and you need to contact yourself to exercise your mentality.

Having said so much, I believe everyone can get the true thoughts of girls!

Sometimes, it’s not that girls don’t want to chat with you, but that you don’t know what she needs at all, which makes her have no interest in chatting with you at all.

You have to know that after meeting on a date, it is difficult for a girl to remember all the words you said to her. The most important thing is to let her remember the good mood of feeling and spending the moment together.