There are often many paradoxes between lovers. The more you care, the less trust you have.

There are often many paradoxes between lovers. The more you care, the less trust you have.

When two people love each other, trust is the most important thing, and it is also the most basic. The bond that maintains love for a long time is trust. If you are suspected or even wronged by your loved one, you will definitely show anger, anger, and cold heart, until you are disappointed and break up.

When two people are together, if the other party doesn’t trust you, what reason is there to be together? Under the state of mind is full of grievances.

To love someone, you must first trust and tolerate each other. No one is perfect, everyone has flaws, but in the name of love, you can’t control the other person’s private space and constantly amplify your suspicions.

Between people, the most taboo thing is to use a magnifying glass to see each other’s shortcomings, but use a microscope to see each other’s strengths. Love must stand the test of loneliness and the mentality of doubt, and that is true trust.

Don’t worry, you can’t run if you want to; don’t work in vain, you can’t get what you don’t want.

It is a sad thing if a long-distance running love is cast a shadow because of distrust. There may be no unconditional trust, but two people have been together for a long time, and the accumulated trust should be taken good care of. Your trust is like a delicate and gorgeous flower, carefully watered and let her bloom grandly.

Love is a feeling, a feeling on a purely spiritual level, but when it comes to getting along in reality, it is a kind of trustful communication. It takes time to accumulate and even sharpen. It may be easy to say the three words “I love you”, but sometimes it is very difficult to say the four words “I trust you”.

Expressing with the heart and expressing with the mind are two completely different concepts. Each other is sworn to each other and trusts each other. When there is a crack, the trust will fade a little bit.

If you really love, you need a little more trust. This kind of love will be easy and long-lasting.