Such things cannot happen between lovers, lovers must avoid problems

Personal quality is too low, do not understand the minimum etiquette

The key to falling in love is to talk. If you don’t talk, you can’t understand each other deeply. Therefore, some couples will gradually reveal their personal moral qualities during their relationship, forming a very negative image in the mind of the other party. Especially in front of the other’s parents or elders, they appear very vulgar, do not understand basic upbringing and etiquette, and even bully their children in front of the elders, with low IQ and EQ. Therefore, the other party will definitely feel that he and you are not the same person at all, not the same person, and of course they will not enter the same family.

No matter where the fault is, force the other party to bow their heads and admit their mistakes

When two people with different living environments and different life experiences want to live together, emotional integration and mutual adaptation of lifestyles are necessary processes. During this process, some things or mistakes that one party is not suitable for are inevitable. However, if you are always too entangled in the right and wrong of one person and one thing, you will feel that the two of you are too tired to live together. Remember, you are now a whole, and you cannot settle conflicts by forcing the other party to bow their heads and admit their mistakes, and you cannot solve problems with a PK mentality.

Not kind-hearted enough, lack of basic tutoring and no filial piety

Whether the heart is good enough can completely measure a person’s morality, and can also measure a person’s basic family upbringing level. During a relationship, it can be clearly seen from whether the other party can treat his family well. Sometimes, filial piety does not necessarily require spending money. A heart, a greeting, and a word of care can all tell the quality of a person’s character. If the person you love lacks this awareness, then, after marriage, this lack of awareness will definitely become the flashpoint of family conflicts.

One party is too strong and habitually interferes with the other party’s privacy

In the period of passionate love, lovers always hope to be together no matter when and where, so it can be said that there are no secrets between lovers, and they only care because of deep love. However, when the relationship enters the third stage, the relatively independent requirements will be more sensitive to their own privacy issues. At this moment, if you look at the other party’s mobile phone or chat history, you will be irritated. Because you care about it, you may overreact to some things and do too much. Therefore, sometimes doing too much may cause the other party to be extremely dissatisfied, and finally end up breaking up.

The economic power is monopolized, so stingy that he does not want to spend money for the other party

Even if you are in a relationship, you can’t deprive the other party of their economic power. The income is centralized in the budget, so that the income and expenditure can be unified, especially large expenditures must be agreed by the two parties, and budget cuts must be discussed by both parties to reduce unnecessary expenses. The consent of the parties is required, and so on, all of which are necessary preparations for the establishment of a small family. This is also a financial management model that is easier for both parties to accept. However, if you are stingy to the “iron cock” mode, especially if you are not willing to spend money for the woman, it will easily lead to her strong dissatisfaction.

Do things impulsively, bring irreparable scars to love

Sometimes, lovers only need to be romantic and romantic when they are together. There are some words or things that don’t need to be said and done in advance. Before the relationship has entered a stable period, sometimes it is better not to say something, and It is better not to do something than to do it. If there is a quarrel, please don’t be too eager to be competitive and must be the winner. Maybe calm yourself down before sending a WeChat message, and think about whether you are wrong. Many times, impulsiveness will only bring more emotions to the relationship between the two parties. irreparable harm.

Tired of ordinary life, looking for new excitement outside of relationships

Love psychology shows that love mostly goes through four stages, which are “coexistence, anti-dependence, independence and symbiosis”. After most couples pass the first and second stages, they are prone to conflicts in the third stage. The fourth stage, that is, as the relationship lasts for a long time, the freshness will inevitably gradually fade away, but if you can’t support each other and create your own life together when the other person becomes your closest person, don’t use your feelings for it. Take risks, let alone seek emotional excitement.

The mind is too narrow, and the personality obviously feels too different

It is inevitable for couples to have conflicts during the love process, but some conflicts are only caused by one party’s narrow-mindedness. For example, in the anti-dependence stage, most men spend more time and energy on work and career. And the other party may feel left out, so unknown flames may slowly accumulate. If the relationship between the two people has not progressed too deep, these may be enough to lead to a breakup. While getting to know each other’s character better, sometimes it may be Doubt this relationship even more.

Arguing with indiscriminate words, often using foul language to hurt feelings

It is perfectly normal for couples to quarrel or have disputes. After all, two people grow up in different environments and have different conditions for forming their outlook on life. There will definitely be conflicts between life philosophy and lifestyle. When encountering such a situation, The best way is for two people to sit down and communicate heart-to-heart. If you encounter conflicts or problems, you always quarrel, and even use hurtful words when you quarrel. Things like this will definitely lead to the separation of labor and Yan.

Carrying out domestic violence, always talking with fists when dealing with conflicts

If there is direct domestic violence between couples during the relationship, they will definitely choose to break up decisively. No matter what purpose and reason the violence is committed, it is an intolerable behavior. However, many couples tend to ignore domestic cold violence. In fact, cold violence is also very lethal. For the perpetrator, no matter what kind of violent behavior is adopted, the fundamental purpose is to vent his anger on the perpetrator, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the other party’s will or diverting his own anger.