Let me explain first that this is not an online dating, nor is it a romance

We met 4 years ago, in a chat room on a warm winter afternoon.

Let me explain first that this is not an online dating, nor is it a romance. It’s just a relationship that depends on the network, a simple but complex relationship. At that time, I had lost interest in chatting, because I felt bored after chatting for half a year, and there were many netizens, but they all disappeared one by one. So it is just a habit to open the familiar chat room after surfing the Internet. I forgot what the reason was, and started talking. I’m not a very chatty person, so I only talk occasionally.

His last relationship ended before we met. It seemed to be the kind of relationship that must happen in college, with no reason to start and no reason to end. That’s all he said. I just told him very calmly that I am with someone now and it feels good. He said it was something that was bound to happen in high school, and it was over so quickly that it wasn’t a big deal.

After 3 months, I found that I didn’t know the reason for being with that person, so it ended. It’s like playing house when I was young, and suddenly I felt that it wasn’t fun anymore, so I stopped playing. I didn’t tell him. Later, he didn’t send me an email during the May Day holiday, so I sent him a letter telling him not to contact me in the future. So I lived alone for a few months, through the summer.

Because the mailbox I had been using suddenly changed the fee, I changed the mailbox and did not tell anyone about the new mailbox. It seems that many websites canceled the free mailboxes at that time, so they lost contact. Later, I skipped class and went to the computer room to follow other grades online, and suddenly remembered that chat room, and left a message to tell him my new mailbox, saying that I would send a letter to me when I was free. Then the contact started again. I asked him why I told you not to contact you and you didn’t send a letter, and he didn’t ask why. He said that he was afraid of seeing the four words “don’t contact me again”. Then the days passed like this, sending a few letters a week, saying some funny things in life, and complaining. He has already graduated and went to another city. I told him that the third year of high school was very hard, and he said that the third year was also very hard.

We never talked about the topic of feelings, but we kept in touch like this. I still said that the third year of high school was very bitter, and he still said that it was nothing in the tone of someone who had experienced it. My third year of high school was made even worse by SARS. He had a fever. I said it was contagious to me, but he said there was no chance. That’s it, today.

I chose my own school in his city, not because of him, but because I like that school. Coincidentally, he came to my city to go to school, and I went to his city to go to school. He sent a lot of information about that school, and then jokingly said, I miss you here more than anyone else.

These are the most ambiguous words so far.

I don’t know if there are other people in him who rely on E-mail to communicate like me, but when I saw him send a letter saying not to run around in hot weather, I felt that I only needed this kind of concern. I don’t know what my place in his life is, but I know he’s not a big deal in mine, and I haven’t told anyone that I have a guy I’ve known for 4 years.

I know that he still doesn’t take his feelings seriously. Even if I disappear now, he won’t look for it. He knows when I have something to say, so he doesn’t worry about me getting angry. I know he’ll say funny things when I say I’m unhappy, so I can just say I’m unhappy.

We lived like this, busy in our respective cities, sending letters saying that mosquitoes are annoying, talking about why it is so cold, and talking what we wanted to say. He still said which movie is good and should be watched, and I still said that although Korean dramas are deceptive, they are really good to watch. He still said that the game is actually very good, and I still said that I am an idiot for not playing.

If Libra and Cancer are not suitable for being lovers, it is because there is no need to be lovers. These are two people who don’t value definitions. As long as they feel good, they don’t have to worry about anything. What will happen in the future, I don’t know, I just want to say that Libra and Cancer can not hurt each other.